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When you're on the water with us you are guaranteed that you will be comfortable. We have 2 styles of boats that will accommodate different sized groups. Traditionally a McKenzie style drift boat is set up for fly fishing with a casting deck in front and back allowing each angler to cast as the guide navigates the boat down river from run to run. Our 17' x 52" Boulder Boat Works drift boat fits the bill superbly for 2 anglers and a guide.

The hull is contructed out of polymer, which is incredibly light weight and slippery. This allows the guide to get you to all the nooks and crannies back in the braided channels that other boats may not be able to access. The inside of the Boulder Boat Works drift boats are either trimmed out with solid oak (as per picture) or American black cherry. This boat is truly a delight to spend the day in!

Our other boat is 20' x 72" - comfortably large enough to carry 5 anglers.

Notice the seating layout in this Mackenzie stye boat. Four seats in front, one in back, level diamond plate casting platforms front and back. This set-up makes this boat the ultimate fishing machine for large parties. Perfect for a coule of guys who want to bring their wives along to enjoy the day with them or for a family who doesn't want to be split up into 2 smaller groups on 2 boats.

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